Work In Progress

Because of the huge amount of new work that came up in the past months, this site will only function as a portfolio for now. However, I have great ambitions to turn this into something more than just an actors webpage. It’s not for no reason that it is called – It will not only showcase me as an actor but also the many projects across Europe, in London, Berlin & Barcelona, that I have in mind for the coming year. I am a proactive being and hungry for change in the world. My work as an actor will cover a range of different formats (from immersive and devised theatre, to cofounding an internet series production company and a theatre company both reaching across Europe, all the way to using improvisation tools to inspire social change in the manner of the „Theatre of the Oppressed“).

Find under „Posts“ on the top of the page pictures of some of my recent work. Much more to follow, e.g. I have just finished a short film and I have been casted for another great project starting in one week in the beautiful scenery of the costa brava.


If you want to know more, feel free to contact me on


Check back soon on this website as it will be significantly different


Until then if you want to find out more about my previous work, find my CV attached here:

Jonas Fischer – Acting CV

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